Just like sugar is kosher

Just Like Sugar Kosher

Just Like Sugar® Baking Tips



Just Like Sugar® has the same sweetening power as sugar pound for pound. The product is measured by weight and not by volume. If your recipe calls for one pound of sugar use one pound of Just Like Sugar® 


Just Like Sugar® pH level in some recipes may drop under 3.5 and will change from a long chain length polymer to a shorter chain product.  This makes the product a fructan instead of what is described as fiber. So in reality you get a change but in terms of calories, of carbs, of glucose reactions there is no change. The only change that might be noticeable would be a lowering of the gel structure in high content levels, i.e. 30% by weight.


Just Like Sugar® will absorb 4.5 times its weight in liquid such as water, milk etc. In some recipes you may have to add more liquid to obtain the desired consistency.


The fiber in Just Like Sugar® acts as its own thickening agent. In some recipes there will be no need to add thickeners such as Baking Powder, Corn Starch or Cream of Tarter.   


Please try the following to get a feeling for Just Like Sugar®:

(1). 1 cup of Just Like Sugar®.

(2). 1/8 cup of un-sweetened cocoa powder.

(3). Mix well in bowl.

(4). Add 1/8 cup of water.

(5). Mix well; the product will start to thicken up quite fast. Add more water at the rate of 1/8 teaspoon at a time until the product becomes a syrup texture, this way you will be able to see how the product thickens and how to adjust the formulations when baking cookies, cakes, pie’s, breads or any thing else that you are going to use Just Like Sugar® in.


Making a Glaze is simple:

(1). 1 cup of Just Like Sugar®

(2). Add 1 tablespoon of water.

(3). Mix well in bowl adding small amounts of water until the desired viscosity is reached.

(4). Brush or dip what is to be glazed with mixture. Allow to harden to a wonderful shine and texture that tastes out of this world.



Note: Just Like Sugar® Baking has the same sweetening power as cane sugar gram for gram. 




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