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Just Like Sugar Kosher

Just Like Sugar® Health Benefits

Just Like Sugar® is made up of four ingredients.

chicoryThe first and most important is Chicory (Inulin) Root Dietary Fiber, which is a pre biotic and probiotic food. The best (and some researchers believe the only) example of a prebiotic and probiotic is Chicory Inulin as found in Just Like Sugar. Chicory Inulin is a "non-digestible oligosaccharide," which simply means that it is a carbohydrate that can not be digested. It can be - and is being - fermented in the lower parts of the intestinal tract. As a result, the friendly intestinal micro flora (bifidobacterium) grows better.


The directly registered effects of the prebiotic and probiotic Chicory Inulin are improved bowel functions mainly due to the increase of fecal bulk improved bio availability of minerals that, among other things, may contribute to a reduction in the risk of osteoporosis enhanced fat metabolism; there is preliminary evidence of a triglyceride and blood sugar reducing effect of Chicory Inulin in Just Like Sugar possible reduction of the risk of colon cancer



The second ingredient in Just Like Sugar® is Natural Calcium:



Calcium in Just Like Sugar is one of the main nutrients that the body requires in order to overcome the problems of high blood pressure, heart attack, premenstrual syndrome, and colon cancer.

Calcium in Just Like Sugar helps to ensure that your teeth are strong and thus prevents dental health problems.

The consumption of Calcium in Just Like Sugar helps in facilitating the movement of nutrients across cell membranes. By keeping the bones healthy, Calcium in Just Like Sugar can be of nutritional value in the prevention of Osteoporosis.

The intake of Calcium in Just Like Sugar helps in relieving backache through strengthening your skeletal system. Calcium in Just Like Sugar helps in weight management.

Calcium in Just Like Sugar helps with blood pressure management and also aids in muscle contraction, thereby enabling the heart and blood vessels to perform their functioning effectively.

Calcium in Just Like Sugar protects against colon cancer. Adequate Calcium intake may reduce your overall risk of colon cancer and suppress the growth of polyps that can lead to cancer.

The third ingredient in Just Like Sugar® is Vitamin C:
Vitamin C from Organic Orange Juice.


An adequate intake of the Vitamin C in Just Like Sugar may protect against stroke, heart attack, and a host of other ailments.

Until about 200 years ago, sailors deprived of fruits and vegetables on long voyages commonly died of scurvy. Subsequent British navy experiments, however, proved that the disease could be prevented if a supply of oranges were stowed on board. This important Vitamin C nutrient not only prevents scurvy, but it's an essential nutrient with a variety of functions in the body.

The Vitamin C in Just Like Sugar aids in wound healing, prevents periodontal disease, enhances absorption of dietary non-heme iron, and acts as the most versatile and effective water-soluble dietary antioxidant.

It's estimated that people who have high blood levels of Vitamin C live six years longer than those who have lover blood levels.

For the vitamin-conscious among us, reaching for Just Like Sugar with Vitamin C added often seems associated with cold-and-flu season. Its potent antioxidant properties can help protect our immune system against the ravages of winter illnesses and helps us fight off infection. But now, there is even more reason to ensure you're getting the Vitamin C you need.

Recent findings published in the Journal of the American Collage of Cardiology suggest that a diet high in the Vitamin C contained in Just Like Sugar may help protect your heart from damage.

Unlike most other mammals, humans don't naturally produce their own Vitamin C. The only way to ensure you have enough Vitamin C is to ingest it. Regular and frequent use of Just Like Sugar will insure this.

Recently, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that an adequate intake of Vitamin C might protect against stroke and heart attack by lowering blood pressure and LDL ("bad cholesterol") levels, and helping to thin the blood to protect against clots. It also helps prevent atherosclerosis (commonly know as hardening of the arteries) by strengthening the artery walls as it manufactures collagen, the protein that gives shape to connective tissues and strength to skin and blood vessels.

The fourth Ingredient in Just Like Sugar® is Orange Peel:

Natural Flavor from the Zest of Orange Peel.


zest of orange peel

This ingredient makes Just Like Sugar sweet. A compound found in the peel of the orange used in Just Like Sugar has the potential to lower cholesterol more effectively than some prescription drugs according to a new study. The orange peel used in Just Like Sugar is a digestive aid. It is effective for abdominal bloating, nausea, and poor appetite.


The Flavinoids in Just Like Sugar extracts for the orange peel have several other useful properties;

  • being anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial agent andAntifungal agent
  • The orange peel used in Just Like Sugar is the key to combat heartburn.

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