Just like sugar is kosher

Just Like Sugar Kosher

Material Safety Data Sheet Baking Sweetener




August 13, 2004                                           

                                                            SECTION1 – Product and Company identification


PRODUCT NAME:                         Product: JUST LIKE SUGARÒ AR160GR-2  


Chemical Name: Inulin, Chicory Root Dietary Fiber   

Manufacturer:Just Like Sugar, Inc. 

24-Hour Emergency Assistance: 866-54 (SUGAR)

For other information, Call: 702 942 0043    



SECTION11- Ingredients


                                                                                             OSHA PEL                           ACGIH TLV

Ingredients(s):  CAS No.   % by Wt.                TWA                    STEL         TWA                     STEL         


Inulin, Chicory Root Dietary Fiber    --           ~95         Nuisance particulate,     --            Nuisance particulate,      --   

Calcium, Victim C, Natural flavor                           15 mg/m3 of total dust                 15 mg/m3 of total dust  


Inulin, Chicory Root Dietary Fiber is GRAS for human consumption 21CFR 184.1444.


SECTION111- Physical Data


Boiling Point (°F): N/A                              Moisture (% by Wt.): ~5

Vapor Pressure (mm Hg): N/A                 Evaporation (n-butyl acetate=1): N/A

Vapor Density (Air=1): N/A                       Solubility in Water: Soluble

Appearance and Odor: White powder: typical odor.


SECTION 1V- Fire and Explosion Hazard Data


Flash Point (Method Used): N/A               Extinguishing Media: Water

Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Use water spray to prevent dust-air mixtures.

Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: Maltodextrin, Chicory becomes a flammable dust when finely divided and suspended in air. Keep away from sources of ignition, sparks, and open flame. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Provide adequate duct control.


SECTION V – Health Hazard Data


Route(s) of Entry: Inhalation – as dust. Skin – No hazard.  Ingestion – No hazard

Carcinogenicity: NTP – no. IARC – no. OSHA – no.

Threshold Limit Value: See Section 11

Effects of Overexposure: None

Emergency and First Aid Procedures: None  

Just Like Sugar® Product Information