Just like sugar is kosher

Just Like Sugar Kosher

Product Specifications Table Top Sweetener


                                             PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS


August 13, 2004                                           

                                                            PRODUCT NAME:           JUST LIKE SUGAR (TABLE TOP)                  

                                                            PRODUCT CODE:           AR160GR-2

                                                            PRODUCT SHELF LIFE:   24 MONTHS    


                                                            SOLUBILITY: JUST LIKE SUGAR, AR160GR-2 disperses at an amazingly high solution rate to                                                             produce a clear solution at 30% solids.  Above 40%

                                                            Concentration levels, opacity and dissolution become temperature dependent.


                                                            VISCOSITY: As the water temperature Is increased, the viscosity of a

                                                            solution containing JUST LIKE SUGAR, AR160GR-2 decreases but is

                                                            recovered as the solution cools.  At high solids levels (above 40%)

                                                            JUST LIKE SUGAR, AR160GR-2 contributes significantly to solution



MOISTURE ABSORPTION: JUST LIKE SUGAR AR160GR-2 will absorb up to 13% moisture and still remain free-flowing. The powder does not affect hygroscopic behavior. 



1.                                 MICROBIOLOGICAL INFORMATION


Aerobic Plate Count                   100   CFU/g maximum                B-2B

Yeast                                        50 CFU/g maximum                  B-3

Mold                                         50 CFU/g maximum                  B-3

Coliforms, MPN                          < 3/10 g                                    B-4

E coli                                        Negative / 10g                           B-16

Salmonella                                Negative / 25g                           B-1A


2.                                 CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL INFORMATION


Chicory Root Dietary Fiber               0 – 12.0                                  C-21

Inulin                                     96.0% Minimum                           

Moisture                                6.0%   Maximum                        C-27

Ash (Sulfated)                        0.50% Maximum                        C-17

pH (20% Solution)                  4.0 – 5.1                                   C-25

Soluble Fiber                         96.0% Minimum

Bulk Density (packed)            18.0 – 22.0 LB/CU FT                C-18

Sieve Test (15 min tap)

% through #20                       90.0% Minimum

% through #200                     10.0% Maximum


3.                                   PHYSICAL PROPERTIE INFORMATION


Appearance:                                          White Powder

Particle Size:                                         <700uM

Average degree of polymerization:           >8

Hygroscopicity:                                      High

Wettability:                                            Easily Dispersible

Taste:                                                    One serving size (100 grams) is as sweet in taste as (100 grams) of refined  sugar cane.

Gel Strength (20%, 80c)                          150-250g

Melting point::                                         146 C      

4.                                    REGULATORY STATUS INFORMATION


FDA APPROVAL:                    GRAS (Self-affirmed)

KOSHER-PARVE                (Self-affirmed


Just Like Sugar® Product Information